Terms and Conditions

I. Application of Terms & Conditions

1.1. These Terms & Conditions apply as general terms and conditions to all Travel Services provided by Travely Reisibüroo OÜ (registry code 16392189, address Kai 1, 10111 Tallinn, hereinafter Travely).

1.2. Travely does not provide Travel Services independently as a tour operator, but rather brokers (as an agent) the services of other Service Providers. Therefore, all Travel Services made available to Customers by Travely are also subject to the contractual terms and conditions of the Service Provider providing the corresponding service to the Customer. These contractual terms and conditions will be shown to the Customer before entering into a travel contract.

1.3. Where a particular travel service is subject to Travely’s special terms and conditions, the relevant special terms and conditions shall apply in addition to the Terms & Conditions. In the event of any conflict between the Terms & Conditions and the special terms and conditions the latter shall prevail.11Travely’s Price List is always applicable as an Annex to the Terms & Conditions.

1.4. Travely’s Price List is always applicable as an Annex to the Terms & Conditions.

1.5. The Seller has the right to unilaterally amend and supplement the Terms & Conditions by publishing the new Terms & Conditions on the site link. If the Customer confirms the Order before the amendments to the Terms & Conditions enter into force, the legal relationship between the Customer and Travely will be governed by the Terms & Conditions in force at the time the Order was placed.

1.6. The Customer will be able to save, print and, if necessary, reproduce the Terms & Conditions before confirming the Order. By confirming the Order and making the payment, the Customer agrees to the Terms & Conditions.

2. Definitions

3. Entry into Travel Contract

Special terms and conditions of accommodation service